8 brain surgeries

I've had 8 brain surgeries due to a ruptured brain aneurysm that happened in 97. It was clipped..a shunt placed a few weeks later. Most of the surgeries were shunt revisions..then it was discovered a golf ball sized cyst was pressing on the shunt causing it to malfunction. A few years later it was discovered I had a syrinx in my spine due to chairi malformation, when the brain sags into the spinal canal. Had decompression surgery and spenta total of 9 months in physical therapy just so I could walk again.

Now I'm great. I work, I drive, I volunteer. I do have severe pain that we are trying to get under control.

Here's a video my husband and I made about my recovery.......


Wow Amy!!!

Here I am thinking that the five surgeries I had was alot...I love the positive attitude..Your success is inspiring..

Amy, welcome; and, thank you for sharing your video. So sory you yet have severe pain ad pray htat you will overcome that, as you did the rest. It is quite a magnificent story.

Prayers for overcoming the pain and continuing enjoying all that you do.


Thanks for sharing! Inspiring!

You will be an inspiration to so many here at BAF...!

Amy, Thanks for sharing your story. What a great example of the human spirit. You are one tough lady and an inspiration to all of us who have had a rupture and after seeing what you have gone through I feel very fortunate to be alive and able to function as well as I do.



Linda, I am always so slow...meant to mention Kim Justus; she only had one surgery; however, she has published her book, and has worked on radio programs; and, then, your backgrounds... Made me think of all you two may be able to share to all of us with your experiences.

Hi Amy,

What an amazing story! Thanks for sharing the video. It's great to hear that you are well, thriving and serving . I will pray that you can get your pain under control.

For your testimony, I give thanks to God!


can you send me info about the book?I'd like to read it.......

very cool

Amy, two things...first my apologies to responding to Linda; Amy I type what I see, not what i attempt to think/remember...

Kim's book is In a Flash; and www.inaflash.org She had her surgery/clip in 1995; and has been doing some talk shows.