7 year syndrome?

I am a survivor of a rupture in 2005; coiled; great recovery. Someone recently told me about a survivor who started to juxtapose words at roughly 7 years out, and that there was some kind of seven year syndrome post rupture associated with this. I have never seen anything about this in the literature. Any thoughts? Bob

I haven't see anything about a "7 year syndrome"...~

Nope...thats one syndrome I've yet to hear about....(The 7 year itch, yes...I don't imagine that'd be one and the same 'syndrome'-lol)...break a mirror 7 years bad luck...dog years; = 7....7 days of the week..I'm sorry, not to make light of the 7 year syndrome , but i'm glad that its not something i've ever heard of.

Peace, Janet