6 November 2022 new welcomes

Hope everyone remembered to adjust their clocks back here in the USA. I wonder how many of us who have to change their clocks twice a year use the old adage “Spring ahead,Fall back” to remember which way to turn the clock? I do it twice a year. It’s also a good time to replace the smoke alarm batteries and your flashlight batteries, something I haven’t gotten around to yet. Enough of my rambling, let’s get to greetings!

@SarahM starts us off this week. Sarah is in the USA, don’t ask me where she didn’t share. She’s a patient, has had surgery and implants and is on blood pressure meds. Hopefully she will come and tell us her story….

@Cadillackaren23 is also in the USA. Karen is in New York. She’s had clipping and a neurotransmitter stimulator for the pain in her head. Have we ever had a member have one of these? I hope she starts a new topic about it!

@Linmuia is in Oregon also in the USA on the West Coast. Linda’s mother had a ruptured brain aneurysm. Fortunately her father realized something bad was happening and called for an ambulance. Since they live in the country, it took a mere 2.5 hours to make the drive to Nairobi (yikes!). Because of the difference in time zones (9 or 10 hours I think) she was contacted in the middle of the night and had to wait for her mum to be diagnosed and treated. Since that call, her mom has been in hospital for a month and a second aneurysm was found. Linda is going out to see her folks this week and stay for a bit. Her mom has been her sounding board and she’s a bit lost without her knowing her mom is fatigued and still a bit confused with facts such as Linda is living in Oregon. The one thing that we all know here is as Lind describes her mom being - “strongest, most resilient person I know” and has is “very positive” These traits help a lot in recovery.from a rupture. Be patient.

@Mandygyrl41 is in the USA, East Coast up in Pennsylvania. Amanda went to hospital with what she believed to be vertigo as has been her experience. They did a CTA and found a 6mm aneurysm in the ICA (Internal Carotid Artery) Cavernous Sinus section. Neurosurgeon wants to treat it with a flow diverter stent with six months of blood thinners. Amanda wants a second opinion. If you start a new post Amanda, there might be some members who can give you recommendations on surgeons in your neck of the woods.

@BobbiF is in Ohio USA, next to Pennsylvania for those who don’t know. Bobbi says she had a bleeding aneurysm on 7 March 2020 and finally went to hospital on 11 March with what she though was a really bad migraine. She was diagnosed with a rupture and sent to Ohio State University for emergency surgery. They used the WEB device. She spent 12 days in hospital and was there when COVID-19 hit so couldn’t have any visitors. She had daily headaches for two months and eventually was able to start reading again in July. Good for you being able to get back to reading books again! Like so many of us, Bobbi is still struggling with memory, learning to deal with things on a daily basis and unfortunately anxiety has reared its ugly head. We can support you Bobbi, just start a new topic under General by clicking on the + sign.

@nachopor7 is our round up for the week. Jared is out West in Utah. He’s been coiled and clipped for a ruptured aneurysm. It started with coiling and nine months later received the clip. Fortunately he has regained most of his physical ability but sometimes he is short tempered. For those of us who have experienced a subarachnoid hemorrhage (SAH) personality changes are quite common. We can give you some ideas on how we deal with them.

So that’s all this weeks folks. Remember to watch the date of the older posts before you reply. If they’re really old, start a new post or if you need a member to reply specifically from that post, try sending a pm to the member. A big shout out to @DickD for changing the application for membership. I was getting confused on if folks had a brain aneurysm or not as we’ve had several the last couple of weeks or so. We need that basic information to see if we are a good fit for the person wanting to join. It may be that another support group with Ben’s Friends can help more.

Have a great week y’all!

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