5yr Old Son Diagnosed with a B.A


My husband had a Brain Aneurysm 3 years ago and survived after having open cranial surgery to repair the rupture and bleeding. His family also has a strong history of B.A.'s

My son just turned 5 and had an MRI to check for a Aneurysm since there is a heavy famiy history. They have located an aneurysm in his Left Thalamoperforate Artey.

We are waiting for the Specialist to review the MRI and call on Monday to set up further testing and decide the best course of action.

Has anyone else went through this and how did they handle it?

Thank you!

Hi Danielle - I am so sorry that aneurysms have affected your family..Being a mom myself, I understand the heartbreak of hearing that news. If you click on "groups" at the top of the page and navigate to the second page, there is a group called "pediatric aneurysms". Hopefully stories and members on there can be of help to you. My thoughts and prayers are with your family...please keep us posted on your boy.

Take Care,


Thank you Mary!

God Bless to you and your family...esp your precious son...this will not be an easy journey...but better for you to find out about son before rupture...you have my prayers...~ Colleen

hi Danielle, so sorry you are having to deal with this but glad you are on the right track, oh good!! tyou've found the pediatric group! good job! I will keep you in thoughts and prayers~~