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4mm Annie drs recommend pipeline stent


I guess I’m really concerned with this procedure. Especially after I had a brain tumor respected 13 yrs ago & it came back last January. I worry about how much I can really take with out causing major damage to my brain.


Hey cmdiaz01,
I’ve had a few neurosurgeries and none of them have been what I’d call ‘nice’. But in saying that, as the name suggests, a pipeline stent is inserted into the artery and pushed through the artery (or ‘pipeline’) to reinforce the artery wall around the annie. So unlike your surgery for your brain tumour, it is unlikely to require a craniotomy or too much disruption to brain matter or surrounding structures. So all should be OK. There maybe some restriction in blood flow during the procedure but as you’ll be monitored by an anaesthetist whilst the procedure is being performed and then monitored by nursing staff post procedure all should be fine.
Hope it helps

Merl from the Moderator Support Team


Hi Cmdiaz01,
I had 4 Annies: 6.5mm, 5.7mm, 3mm and 2.6mm. I had 5 pipeline stents put in. 3 on right side in 6/2016 and 2 on right side 7/2016. Yes I was scared but the procedures came out fine. My hospital stay was only over night and then I rested at home. My dr. said I’d be back to the new normal in a week but if I were you I’d take more time. My only concern is imbalance issues that seem to come on when I get over-heated. I am older so that could be part of it. Otherwise I feel fine. I’ve had angiograms since and all looks fine, Thank God. Wishing you well.

MiMi B.