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35 years post SAH clipping and Kicking

I hope all are well.
My name is John and I am 57 years old. I experienced a Thumb size Aneurism that had acquired a “Berry tit” which is an Anny on an Anny. This leaked several times which caused a stroke three times. The first two not diagnosed.
I was 22 and in the Navy. I was a bit wilder than I should have been and started doing Cocaine for a short time after being stationed in Caracas VZ.
I started having twitches in my arm and attributed to the substance abuse and I seeked help. They figured I was detoxing and discharged me.
I went home to NC and got a job with an Engineering firm. On my way home from a club after 1/2 a drink, because I was nauseous and left early to go home…something wasn’t right. On the way home I kept waking up behind the wheel and turned the radio up with the windows down. I woke up to late once and hit a pipe head on and was rushed to the hospital…This was my second stroke. They gave me a DWI and threw me in jail with a neck brace and stitches across my face. The blood test came back .003 and they dropped the charges.
At this time I still had no idea what was happening between my ears.
After several months at the firm I worked at my armed started twitching…just like when I was in the Navy. I turned to tell someone and could not talk. I fell to my knees…scared to death.
They took me to the hospital where they found the Thumb size Anny after several arteriograms and a cat.
They prepped me and gave me a clipping surgery. God makes miracles doesn’t he.
Its been 35 years now and life is great…some good some bad…Just like everybody else.
I didn’t have you guys back then so had to accept a lot of things on my own.
I don’t feel handicapped…anymore nor ashamed. We become stronger people than most. We earned it. We learn to enjoy the moments of to day…a beautiful gift.
I have through the years addressed my alcoholism which is another daily acceptance.
Life is Good.
I have a Wife, Two kids going into college and my own business designing homes.
Thank you all for being here and I am here for you.


Welcome John! I’m glad you found us and posted your story! You and the other members who have survived for so many years is always nice to read. Thank you for sharing .

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Thank you John for sharing your incredible story. Your success all around is truly inspiring :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi John,

Thanks for sharing your story. I am so very happy to read about another long term survivor.:blush: God does work miracles! I’m a 50 year survivor! Thanks be to God!


Thank you Carole, and yes getting out of the problems of life and getting in the solutions with Gods will has been my reward beyond measure.
I am in the process of getting my USN discharge upgraded from Other than Honorable to a medical or Honorable. I live life by Lifes terms and accept the outcomes. Nothing in Gods world is done on accident.
If I ask god he says yes, Later or I have something better in store…God doesn’t do No.


Welcome, John! Your story sounds a little bit like mine. While I have never been in the military, or, suffered from alcoholism, I was in a bad spot, too. Like you, I passed out from my aneurysm. Luckily it was about 30 minutes before I got behind the wheel to head to work. That was back in March 1988…a lifetime ago! After becoming a member of this site, I am realizing that I should’ve been on disability a long time ago. However, I have been working just like anybody else. You’re right, we survivors are some tough cookies! We’ve lived through so much! God bless you in your journey! We all have amazing testimonies!

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Hello Rosie,
I hope you are well in Houston, One of my stomping grounds down in Freeport. Father is From Marshall Tx.
Thank you and I have never looked into disability or considered myself disabled. I’m older now. LOL
Do I check the SSA website to find a starting point. LOL