3 weeks post op crani

I had a dissecting fusiform aneursym embedded in my brainstem, unruptured. They clipped part of it and added a cotton overlay on the remainder to scar it to prevent a rupture. The crani was 3 weeks ago today.

Upon waking, I had severe double vision and left sided weakness. Those have both improved greatly. I don't really have any more double vision, but my right eye definitely has a deficit. I notice it's very blurry when i wake up in the morning and improves throughout the day, but focusing on things close up is difficult and causes blurriness. My OT wants me to see a neuro ophthalmologist but wants me to wait a couple more weeks to see if I improve more. My gut is telling me I'm gonna be seeing him.

I'm still having some weakness and trouble coordinating my left hand. This is also improved.

I've been trying to get out and see how I handle being in public. Stores are very difficult. I have a hard time processing the busy surroundings. I can't tell if I'm getting tired from visually processing everything or from walking!

As of now, I'm slated to return to work after April 15. I know everyone is different, but how long did it take you to return to work?

And just to add a bit of humor, my sister thinks I'm saying some pretty funny and off the wall stuff post surgery. She posted on facebook "watch out for the new youtube sensation: Jennifer after surgery"

Appears as if you are doing great considering what you have went through.

Hey, Jennifer, when is your youtube debut? Bet we could do a duo. Sometimes I am brazen, cutting to the gist of things, expressing little patience with folks “who just don’t get it”. But, I am learning to control this urge. Also, for weeks, I called the Persian rug in our living room a towel; put butter in the pantry, and such. It went away, but there were some funny incidents before it did. On the more serious side, long grocery store isles, florescent lights, bad lighting such as you find in department stores will bother me. Five minutes was about all I could stand. Now, I can do the grocery shopping and, with effort, walk through Nordstrom’s, but that’s after two years. That limitation has saved hubby’s pocketbook a few times. I did go to a vestibular therapist who suggested I get a tennis hat. It didn’t look good, but sure helped. She also suggested exercises that would re-train balance.

The balance exercises do help-I have done those and have regained a lot of balance. Take care.

Today is my first appointment with the vestibular therapist since the surgeries. She is hoping to focus on helping the damaged part of my brain. I’m excited to know that is possible and eagerly anticipating the new set of exercises. Sounds like you’ve been, Lisa. Perhaps we can compare exercises!

Yeah I'm not ready for video taping yet! haha I'm still self conscious about the droopy eye!

I'm seeing a vestibular therapist as well, and she did recommend wearing hats or sunglasses, I just haven't gotten around to getting a hat yet, and I have prescription glasses so sunglasses are not really an option.

Even before surgery, I had problems with long grocery store aisles, but now the lighting definitely causes a problem.