3 months

It has been 3 months since my clipping. I am so thankful for how far i have come. So many things are getting better every day. My memory and anxiety seems to be the only things that continue to get worse. Especially recently. I am still so thankful for what God has brought me through. All of you here are a huge source of strength for me. Love you all! Have a very Merry Christmas!!!

I had my clipping 6 years ago. My memory ..mostly short term ..gets screwed up at the most inconvenient times. I t seems that too many things being said or done causes brain overload, and our brain is not the same as it used to be. It is just learning how to zero in on what is important, settling that into our brain and then working on the next thing. It is so easy for anxiety to take over because it is a whole new way of living, and that causes anxiety, the unfamiliarity of it all. I did go on a low dose of antidepressant and it helped A WHOLE LOT>

It gets better, I'm 2.5 years clipped.. I do take Ativan now and again, it helps..


One thing a number of us have talked about, asked about, are the Recovery issues for all of us...

We read about "the new me"...and, not the neuropsych testing to assist with the various therapies... to help us in Recovery...

I am delighted for you at your three month status...wishing you a very Merry Christmas...


Reg...I like that.."be kind to your brain, by resting and taking a break when you need it" I sure would love to have heard that....EXCELLENT advice.