3 4mm aneurysm

Hi . I have my first Dr appt with a neurosurgern Friday several hunderd miles away. Does anybody have problems with racing heart? At night it happens my heart is racing and it wakes me up I can hear it in my ears its really scary. I have two 4mm annines close to my optical artery my left eye is in pain all the time and I have several occur migraines a week, wear everything is disorintated. Any ideas, Very nervous about the appt but glad its soon. Hope all is well. God bless.. Marie

Hi Marie it sounds like it is probably anxiety to me you are anxious because of the aneurysms and also the appointment I used to get that too it does get better over time just make sure you drink plenty of water and relax. Jess.xxx

Ps hope all goes well for you

Marie...welcome...there are a lot of newly diagnosed here...those looking for similarities, from symptoms to decisions on the time and type of treatment...others who have completed their decisions and treatment.

Prayers you will get much posting...and soon to your neuro and that you have family/friend to be with you.


Hi Marie,

Welcome to BAF. I’ve had issues with my heart racing which have been traced to two issues: low thyroid which is controlled by medication and Vagus nerve issues which for me can be avoided as long as I don’t eat large meals.

I hope this is helpful to you.

Take care and may God bless you.


Hi Marie...I have had this happen often...usually in the evening when I am sitting watching television...I too have an annie behind my left eye...they are watching...I was coiled over 1 year ago...the heart palpatation I never really associated to my annie...but my high Bp...