27 March 2022 Shout out to New Members!

Another week has passed and new members have joined us, let’s welcome them all! Remember to post under General and introduce yourselves, any questions you have that’s also a good place to post or jump in and join a current conversation. Be careful that you respond to current topics, you will know because there’s a month and year on them ( ex: May ‘13 as opposed to days) there should also be a pop up that tells you something is old so just start a new topic.

@Rizwan6532 is from California, a State where depending where one lives you can go to the desert, mountains and beach all in the same day! Rizwan survived a ruptured aneurysm and was treated with a flow diverter though we don’t know when it was. Looking forward to your interaction with our group Rizwan!

@Chibicat11 is in OK. A State with a lot of surprisingly long steep grades as I recall from a road trip. Mary must like cats having six of them no less! She’s a Bereavement Coordinator Social Worker for Hospice. She’s a KU Jayhawks fan and loves basketball. But the Jayhawks are playing the UNC Tar Heels on Monday, one of us might be disappointed. My guess she is betting on me being disappointed LOL.

We look forward to giving and receiving support and experience!

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