2 yrs after

it recently was my 2 yr "annie" versary and it's weird i have had 2 people i know that have asked me what it felt like have theirs within days of askin the question

they survived yea!

but they are having alot of issues with paralysis,loss of bladder control,and the list continues

i answered all their questions and we all realized that we knew the second it burst (we all felt and heard a pop)

i still have a constant headache , vision issues and a few other things but seeing my friends go thru this made me realize how lucky i am (even tho i don't always feel that way)

things could be worse

Congratulations Lisa on 2 years ... ~

Enjoy every moment the best you can...Cyber~thoughts your way ~ Colleen


Wow, you personally knew two who asked you before they ruptured? That is amazing....

What is so interesting to me on the natural symtpoms...had none before any of the three emergencies over 29 days... I have no memory of hearing any pop type noise...I have some memory of being weak, dizzy and tingling before the second emergency...I saw my PCP right after the first e/r and the day beforethe second...

So how would I haave expected her to know, or care about, vision? Lisa, have you talked to your neuroos and/or PCP or oph about seeing a neuro-oph? I saw a neuro-oph; also did the magnificent visual therapy; did not regain upper peripheral vision...still squiggles when I am fatigued...etc..I do not drive those days..

So many of us had, still have, visual issues that appear to be so ignored...except at the few neuro-oph level.

Again, congrats, and prayers for your recovery...