2 x aneurysms in one year - advice - get a second opinion from the best

So happy to say I’m still here. I had a ruptured Annie last year and at that time they discovered another unruptured one. The first one was coiled immediately and was told to the second one need to be “clipped”, which requires full craniotomy. I went to St. mikes here in Toronto for a second opinion. Last week I had a second coiling (balloon assisted) done. It was a complete success and I was out in two days. Still headaches from the first one rupturing, but at least I don’t have to worry about the other one being a ticking time bomb in my head! Thanks to my amazing “Dream team” , Dr. Drake and Dr. Spears at St. Mike’s in Toronto. To all the staff and nurses, you were all amazing! Shout out to Alyssa (hope I spelled it right!), who stopped my artery from bleeding with her amazing strength! (Long story).

St. Michaels Toronto rocks!!!

Much love and luck to all!
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Oh and Popsicles work like a charm for headaches!

The pics are Alyssa, who carried my bag for me all the way out the door! No lifting over five lbs for two weeks!

Congrats Lisa! Glad you’re doing so well, keep it up.

What a great story and inspiration, Lisa!

best wishes, and this is good to hear that your team got you thruough, I had an artery bleed, and had many pressing on groin to stop the flow, scary, glad that we are alive, thanks for your post, Ellie