2 mm size aneurisms


My sister has two 2mm small unruptured aneurisms. She lives in Russia. Doctors are planning to put stents for both of them. Does she really need to treat such small aneurisms.

She is sweetest person in the world and means everything for me. Please help.



*Clarification. My understanding is stents are the same thing as PEDs.

Hi Irina, what a worrying time for you, I don't know whether size matters really, I would say if they can treat them let them, it is a much easier procedure before they burst and cause problems, I had one burst aneurysm coiled and one elective coiling and stenting and recovery from the elective coiling was a lot better, and quicker and the anxiety of living with an aneurysm can be quite high, I hope this helps, prayers for your sisters speedy recovery, Jill xxxxxx

Hi Irena, I have just had a stent placed on a 14mm aneurysm if I had known it was there when it was 2mm I would have had it done.
Size doesn’t matter they can rupture at any size.
Mine was found because of vertigo and PED procedure done in just over a month. My surgeon said he very rarely sees one as big as most have ruptured well before they reach 14mm, mine was 11mm on 20th April, and 14mm on 24th May.
The stents are placed through an angiogram and the procedure is usually done in between 1to 2 hours.
I was up and walking around the next day and home in 3 days. I feel a little bit light headed now and get tired but other hn that I no longer have to stress.
I hope this helps. I have the sweetest sisters also and 3 beautiful sweet daughters who are all about to have scans to make sure they are clear, I also lost a brother 28 years ago because we di no know he had an aneurysm.
Thinking of you
Hugs :0)

Hi Irinia...Size I was told is only one part of the equation when they decide to treat an aneurysm...They look at your age, location of the aneurysm, change of rupture, health of patient, etc., she should be able to ask how they based their decision...keep us posted...the best of luck to your sister...~ Colleen

Thanks a lot for the feedback. It was very important for me to hear your opinion.

I will keep you posted on her decision.



Thanks Jo. Based on your research what is better PED or Stent? Would aneurisms shrink in both cases?

Thanks Lynn!

Thanks Nikki!


I found video showing stent on youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=77fPzbExkxA.

I was wondering how PED is different from it.

And thanks. I got an MRI done last year. Doctors said I was fine.

I really hope that none of your sisters or daughters have an aneurism.

Hi Irina,

As others have said you have to trust your doctors. Was your sister's aneurysm found incidentally or was it causing a problem? Is she a smoker?

There are differing opinions on when the treat and when to watch and wait. The decision is very personal. Treatment is not without risk.

To give you another perspective, I will share my story. I had a ruptured aneurysm clipped when I was 19 years old. My personal choice has been not to treat the other three "small" aneurysms that I've had for more than 35 years (one of them is at least 43 years old). I reaffirmed this decision earlier this year based on the results of a new angiogram. My doctors have supported the "watchful waiting" approach for me.

May God guide you to make the decision that is right for you and your sister.

Take care.


Hello Irina,

You will have to just read up on all types of stories with rupture and unruptured annies, and sizes. They can rupture at any size. Mine ruptured at 5mm and I nearly lost my life a few times in the process of getting help. This is a wonderful sight to get some questions asked, there is also a facebook page for those with aneurysm you could ask questions too. Just support your sister in whatever her choice is, because there can be risk both ways.

Thanks Carole!