2 craniotomies?

Has anyone had two craniotomies? I had one 7 weeks ago and did well. I have 3 more aneurysms on the opposite side of my brain. They are not coilable and now I have to go back and discuss clipping with surgeon on Wednesday. My God, I want to put this behind me.

I should add they are 4.5 and 3 mm
The one I had clipped was 7 mm.

Not me, laura57, but a good friend of mine had a craniotomy for clipping and was recovering well when she got a subdural hematoma. New craniotomy and she’s just fine. It’s not quite the same as yours, but I thought I’d mention it.

Good luck with this.


Was that caused from the surgery?

Yes it was, Laura, which I know isn’t the same as what you are facing. But still, they opened the “lid” again and did some tricky cleanup.

I remember the terrible time she had while she was deciding whether to have the surgery or to take her chances. The image of her late Mother haunted her: she had been severely disabled by a ruptured aneurysm (in the same location) and lived in a care home, confined to bed and wheelchair, for the last twenty years of her life. My friend decided that any of the likely possible consequences of a craniotomy would be better than her Mom’s terrible fate. The unlikely possible consequences of surgery, she reasoned, were no worse. And so she made the decision.

Now, eighteen months (and some very hard rehab work) later, she is aware of some deficits that she will probably always have. But to meet her, you would never guess.

Best of luck with all of this

Seenie from Moderator Support

Thank you so much for this info. I have to say I feel the same. I lost my mom when she was only 52 to a rupture aneurysm. I go to the dr wednesday to discuss surgery since they aren’t coilable. I’m so scared.

How did your appointment go?

Hi Patty, surgery is scheduled for aug 4th. Same surgery as two months ago but opposite side and clipping 3 of them. Last time was a bigger one. He said coiling would be too difficult to make the turn in the artery? I just can’t believe this.

I will certainly be thinking about you. Hopefully after this surgery you will finally be able to put this all behind you. My surgery was exactly 2 years ago today and after my most recent follow up appointment just this past March , my surgeon told me I didn’t have to see him or have another MRA for 2 more years. I finally feel like I can put this behind me and I wish the same for you in the not to distant future.

Thank you Patty :two_hearts:

Best of luck, laura. It will be good, as Patty says, to be able to put this behind you. :hugs:

Thank you, I’ll keep you guys posted

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Best of luck, Laura!! I think lots of prayers and a positive attitude go a very long way! I’ll say a prayer for you and will be anxious to hear how things went! :pray:

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Thank you so much I appreciate it :two_hearts:

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