13 March 2022 New Members!

This week, we are proud to welcome to our group the following g new people:

For all the newbies, just start a new topic under General or jump in a newer topic that’s active. Be careful of old topics as they’re old and a lot of information and knowledge is updated with the newer ones. Please stay in the topics that are no more than a year old.

@MCVassallo we have Ms. Mary from PA. Unfortunately she has a lot on her plate being the sole caregiver of her husband who ruptured, then had a stroke during the repair. And if that wasn’t enough, he had two days of vasospasms. If she’s like our caregivers, I’m sure her stress and fear went through the roof! Let’s make sure she has the support she needs…

@sara.rene77 has moved from California to the East Coast. She’s going to learn a bit about humidity, dew point and pollen I’m guessing. Ms. Sara was able to have her aneurysm repaired at UCLA (Go Bruins!) unfortunately she is experiencing intermittent head pressure which is affecting her daily life. Her neurologist isn’t concerned, but we know how things can effect us. Let’s help her problem solve with our experiences if we can…

@shelby is from Tennessee, a beautiful State from the Smokies to the mighty Mississippi. Shelby’s endured a rupture and had two others clipped. Shelby has found the right group for connecting, let’s over some support y’all!

There’s been a couple more, but I imagine we are waiting for them to reply to the email that is automatically sent.