1 year check up!

Had my 1 year check up! Want to see something cool??? Here is my brain, it is so beautiful! Aneurysm all dissolved totally! The red circle is the effected area, the blue circle is where the aneurysm was located and the green line is the pipeline that is now and forever there. Fascinating! Thank you Dr. Deol, Nurse Amy and St. Mary's Hospital. I have to go 1 more year before all clear! Hoping my memory will clear up too...I am believing it will!

AWESOME NEWS! Very happy for you.

Hi Camille!

Great news ! ( Good to see you posting too, have wondered what had become of you!)

Peace, Janet

Camille...congratulations on your 1 year anniversary...awesome...to see great results...you are one of the blessed...

May I ask (beg/ plead?)...which artery / segment w/the pipeline...and same of the aneurysm?

IF, the main one is an ICA...yours seem to have so much less tortuous turns than many of us have...it is fascinating to me...maybe to others?

Thanks much...you have been blessed with quality care...


I don't know the exact segment but it looks like just 1 wide curve...the pipeline runs along with the green line I drew in the aneurysm was where blue circle ...if that helps

Yes very blessed... I know

Thanks Janet...just life, kids, business... busy

Thank you Myra

Thanks...yes, I did see/understand the green line...was your one wide curve before the pipeline was implanted? That is something I have been wondering about... for various implants and the shape of an artery... and, how it is noted during suggested procedures...

When I looked at the blue circle...was the aneurysm connected (the neck?) to the green-lined artery ...or to one of the branches off it?

Thank you for generating my warmth and smiles...over seeing your success...

Lovely news, Camille. :) Thanks for sharing.

congrates!! Camille!!god bless you and yours