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1 year anniversary


Tomorrow is my 1 year anniversary for my craniotomy for an un-ruptured Annie. Fully recovered with just a little short term memory lapse every once in a while. Otherwise doing great. I thank all of those who gave me advice and support through out the whole process. It was a very nerve racking and unsettling time. This site and all the good people were really helpful. For anyone out there that is going through the same procedure, I just wanted to let you know it does get better and this is a great place for support and information.




Congratulations! What a wonderful, life-affirming milestone to reach. On Monday, I will mark my three-month clipping for an unruptured annie. It has been a journey that makes me appreciate everything. I tell everyone at work that I am the happiest person to be here. This weekend, I go on my first oversea work trip for two weeks. I cherish these milestones that I used to take for granted,

I, too, want to send my heartfelt thanks to everyone on this site. I feel a sense of comradeship with many people here. I've written before about how your advice was so useful. I know that I am a lucky one, to have the unruptured annie clip. I am really thankful to you all!



Congratulations Troy! So happy to hear you’re doing well! I’m just over a year myself, and I’m pregnant and expecting a baby girl in six weeks. Life goes on!



wonderful news Troy, I have 3 days left before my craniotomy and I am really stressed out. It is so good to hear about you and all the others who have made it through to better times and can resume your life.