1 Year and still going

Good Afternoon Everyone,

My name is David, and I live in Sacramento CA. I am not “new” to this site, but I wouldn’t say I post very often. I believe I have made an introduction at one point in time (can’t remember for certain). It’s been a little over a year since my Aneurysm. I suffered my aneurysm on 2/28/2021. They crappy part about that is the fact it happened on the evening of my wife’s birthday. We had gotten home from a fabulous dinner, and we were laying bed winding down from a wonderful evening. Apparently I started complaining about a severe headache, and started rocking back and forth with my hands on my face in an awkward fetal position. I started having what was described to me as a seizure and I vomited on the bed. My wife acted immediately and called 911. The 911 operator talked my wife through some things and also immediately dispatched paramedics. Paramedics arrived, took me away, and I remember waking up in a rehab center. Completely clueless of where I was, and why I was there. I just knew I wasn’t in the best condition because I had a bunch of beeping monitors connected to me. I looked around and saw my wife. I apparently didn’t know who she was at the time, but I eventually figured it out (at least that’s what I can gather). I spent the next few months there working on Physical, Speech, and Occupational therapy. Eventually, I was able to go home, and my wife had sent me a text message (we spoke daily via text and on the phone) telling me she’d be there to pick me up by noon. I was so excited to go home, but at the same time I recall being struck with sadness because I felt I was a burden. Anyhow, she arrived at noon, filled out all of the discharge paperwork, rounded up all my meds and off we went. Surprisingly I “knew” I was home, and I knew where everything was. So I guess that part of my memory was still intact. I continued with rehab (in home) with specialists, and then was given the green light to return to work. Work was a little different, but I was blessed to have my job (and income) and pay the bills. I am a manager for the State of California.

My older son graduated high school, and I was able to be there for that (such a blessing). What I did miss was his last season of Varsity football. But i’ll take the blessings of being alive over football. My younger was a freshmen, and he is now a sophomore in high school. I manage to get through each day, but I don’t really have much motivation to do much. Quite frankly, i’m just happy to wake up and see my wife in bed next to me (I think someone is cutting onions around here). I LOVE doing things with the wife, such as cooking, and helping her cut vegetables, or whatever I can do for her while she is prepping dinner, lunch, breakfast. Oh, and I love cuddling with my Yorkie. We all call him my therapy dog, because he’s never away from me. When I move, he moves. It’s quite cute.

If there is anyone who would like to chat, please feel free to PM me. If you are in the Sacramento area and would like to meet up for lunch or drinks to chat, please let me know. I have alot of “things” I can share about my journey that might be helpful for you.

That’s it for now. Take care, and keep up the fight. You’re not alone, although it may feel like you are.

David S.

Greetings David! I removed your email and changed it to read PM as we try really hard to protect our members from spammers, viruses and the like and it’s against the rules set by Ben’s Friends. But any member can send you a Personal Message!

The computer program says this is the first time you have posted. Well done!

It’s wonderful to read that all your hard work after rupture has allowed you to not only return to work, but more importantly spend more time with those you love. Dogs are the best, but I’ve also had the pleasure of a cat or two in my life that were great cuddles.

Thank you for making the change, and my apologies for going against the forum rules. I honestly did that by mistake.

That is strange it shows this was my first post, as I recall posting when I first found out about the site, and created an account. I made an introduction post. Perhaps I “thought” I made the introduction post, and in reality I didn’t? Oh well, thanks for explaining why you made the change, and I will make sure to watch my posts so I don’t violate any more rules. Have a wonderful day!


Not a problem David, we are just trying to protect you!

Hi David! I’m happy your still with us! I had 2 strokes (in 1999) and still remember waking up in rehab hospital so confused and crying, every morning my awesome nurse would take the time to explain who I was and where I was. I have felt like a burden to my family, still do at times at the time of strokes our kids were 5 and 11. I remind myself I would gladly take care of my husband if he had medical issues, and he has never made me feel bad about how much he had to take care of me, I am blessed because I saw many marriages end with members in my support group. I had a long recovery period, still have issues with my left side, and lost fine motor skills with my left hand. I still mourn the loss of my two handed typing, went from 90 wpm to 35, but then I remind myself I’m lucky to be alive, can still walk and drive and work, the fatigue is still bad but I have learned to adjust. I work a full time job, I work from home, driving to work, dealing with co-workers in person while doing my job then driving home is too much. I have done it a few times and it’s not worth it. It drains me. I still have cognitive issues, some days worse than others, math? Not without a calculator! Every day I just try to keep going and not focus on what I lost but what my blessings are. Again some days are better than others but I’m too stubborn to give up so I just keep on going! :smile:


[Its definitely a day to day after brain trauma. I am so blessed surviving 2 brain Aneurysms, and 2 craniotomy coil proceedures. My first aneurysm ruptured in 2008 i woke up 6 days later didnt remember at first what had happen. The surgical team at UCSF saved my life for sure. Then in October of 2020 i was shocked by a difibulator in a ambulance even after i told the emt i had metal clippings in my brain & i was totally conversing with this person answering all their questions they said , well im going to do this , look me in my eyes & said , " its going to hurt real bad" and shocked me with what they said was 120 jewels. Let me tell you , it was the MOST Awful, Painful experience of my life. I still have nightmares about it. 5 months later they found another aneurysm right behind my 1st one . At that time it was 4x4mm. I had to wait 5 months for them to decide if they were going to attempt to repair it & in that time it doubled in size to large to go through my vein so another craniotomy & clipping was done. Here i am still walking , talking, whistling, singing, raising chickens & so thankful everyday. I realize that not everyone is so lucky & i dont know why but i think a lot of it has to do with your outlook & determination to recover and of course every case is different especially with ruptured cases. Just want to let people know , there are those of us who have been through this & survived to come out on the other side. A little dented of course but not broken. Im thinking of having a zipper tattooed on my scar just in case of round 3. I sincerely hope that never happens.

Picture of my aneurysm without cute little eyes and after i put little eyes on her she wasnt quite as scary to look at. …