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Welcome to the Brain Aneurysm Support Community

The purpose of the Brain Aneurysm Support Community is to provide a forum for patients and their families affected by brain aneurysms to find support.

This forum is brought to you by Ben’s Friends in a partnership with the Brain Aneurysm Support Community. The site was based on a need for comprehensive information and support for brain aneurysm patients, their families, and the medical community.

The Brain Aneurysm Support Community is the nation’s premier nonprofit organization solely dedicated to providing critical awareness, education, support, and research funding to reduce the incidence of brain aneurysms. To find out more about The Brain Aneurysm Support Community and for more information on brain aneurysms, go to

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Latest Activity

Beezwax commented on Beezwax's blog post Serious question I need help with.
"Sherri Long, my EKG and my blood cultures and everything came back fine. I am scheduling a doctor appointment on Wednesday."
55 minutes ago
Sherri Long replied to Susannah's discussion Craniotomy in 5 days to clip MCA
"Stents are not usually done with clipping - they are used with coils to ensure the coils do not slip back out of the annie. "
59 minutes ago
Sherri Long commented on Beezwax's blog post Serious question I need help with.
"I do agree with Dancermom that your doctor needs to see you to assess.  Did you have an echocardiogram in the hospital?  I did have one after my brain surgery to make sure that my heart wasn't causing fatigue (and I was breathless,…"
1 hour ago
Anam Burney posted a blog post

Regression after better months

Hello all.. My mother had a SAH on Feb 23, 2014. Just passed her 11 month mark.When she first came home after 4 wks in the hospital, she suffered bad headaches and crazy elevated blood pressures for probably a month. After all she was fresh out of surgery, all that was expected.After that initial settling down, she was definitely getting better for about 3-4 months. Progressing in slow baby steps, BP was still a problem but nonetheless improving. She was going on long drives, doing physical…See More
2 hours ago
Susannah replied to shaz49's discussion whereabouts are you? in the group BAF UNITED KINGDOM
"Hi Gill I've just moved from Benfleet in Essex towards Cambridge but I also had a burst Annie on my brain stem in November 2011 & had it coiled in Queens at Romford. I have 3 more now though, 2 mca's and a pcom & am now under…"
3 hours ago
Michele replied to Michele's discussion ANEURYSM: A poem by Shannon Jones-Fry
"Hi Betty!  Guilt no more!  And it just doesn't matter what most people think; All that matters is what YOU think and How you feel! ... but I can relate to this as through my recovery I felt the same way ... but I've…"
7 hours ago

Dancermom commented on Beezwax's blog post Serious question I need help with.
"Costochondritis is also a possibility. But this is definitely a doctor/medical issue, rather than a forum issue, so please keep your doctors apprised and keep asking them questions and updating them."
14 hours ago

Marjorie B Filipiak commented on Beezwax's blog post Serious question I need help with.
"Hi!  I would call the doctor/ surgeon that did your surgery and ask them about it. It could be some nerve damage from your surgery. After having a Ruptured Aorta surgery ( 5 years ago), I had muscle pain in my back. It is now that I endure very…"
14 hours ago


Craniotomy in 5 days to clip MCA

Started by Susannah in Questions About Brain Aneurysms. Last reply by Sherri Long 59 minutes ago. 8 Replies

Hi allHaving my second surgery on Tuesday 27 January to clip my left cerebral aneurysm which is 8mm but which also has a daughter aneurysm on the side of it. Due to the two together my surgeon said they can't coil them as one would burst as they…Continue

ANEURYSM: A poem by Shannon Jones-Fry

Started by Michele in Personal Stories. Last reply by Michele 7 hours ago. 9 Replies

This Poem puts every single emotion we feel thru the Healing Journey of an Aneurysm/AVM into such eloquent words.  While I did get Shannon's permission to share here in this forum; she asks that if you share this in any other forum that you…Continue

WEB Woven Endobridge Device

Started by joolz in Questions About Brain Aneurysms. Last reply by Laura yesterday. 29 Replies

 Woven Endobridge (WEB) Device for endovascular treatment.Has anyone experienced such a treatment?Continue

Surgery in 2 days

Started by Kat in Questions About Brain Aneurysms. Last reply by Arleen Jaracz yesterday. 107 Replies

I'm having a craniotomy and aneurusm clipped in 3 days and I'm petrified. I really *really* need some success stories and support from those who have been through it. I've written elsewhere but had no replies which has me wondering whether I should…Continue

TOO MANY EMOTIONS.........HELP..........

Started by J Knights in Post Surgical Rcovery. Last reply by Carol yesterday. 50 Replies

Hello,Me again.  I keep reading everyone who's been through surgery and had success talk about how it's changed them for the better, etc.  All the words are upbeat, encouraging, inspirational, full of hope.  At first when I got home and for a few…Continue

Having a hard time wrapping my head around all of this

Started by Michelle in Questions About Brain Aneurysms. Last reply by Sally Chewter yesterday. 34 Replies

Honestly all of my stuff came on really fast. In November I was all of the sudden hit with the worst headache of my life. My husband took me to an ER and they diagnosed me with a sprained neck. I suffered through the weekend and went to a chiro on…Continue



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Regression after better months

Posted by Anam Burney on January 25, 2015 at 8:40pm 0 Comments

Serious question I need help with.

Posted by Beezwax on January 24, 2015 at 7:25pm 7 Comments

I am a live

Posted by Caroline on January 22, 2015 at 4:57pm 20 Comments

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